As I say in my dedication within the cover of “Red Nails”, my inspiration has been the “……pirates and angels who have come into my life….”  Without them, none of my writing would have been possible.  Past, present or even future stories are borne in my mind of someone special that has touched me in some way to change my life as it would never have been.  Even “Red Nails” would not have been possible if I had not met with circumstances that became the muse for my recent novel.  Life’s challenges brought me to where I am and I am grateful for that and the “ones” who have brought amazing moments of happiness, love and even loss to my life.  Everything together is what allows a writer to “spin a story”…..and without those experiences a fairytale, novel or story would not exist.  I love to write in many genres….of life, as well as fairytales…..but always light within the darkness plays withint the storyline.  Even in the moments when we cannot see the stars, the moon illuminates our path, and for that I remain hopeful that my dreams will become a reality!

Gothic Castle Girl